The Cast:


Unlike some other stories with toys, these toys’ weapons and vehicles work, especially on each other. They know what they are, but most tend to block that out in favor of their immediate occupations or missions. They definitely don’t care if they’re played with or not! So far, cats have been able to perceive them and their activities, but not adult humans. Their memories and life experiences are based on when they were made – i.e. Luke remembers Hoth, Dagobah, and Cloud City, but not Jabba’s palace or Endor. They’re made of plastic so they can take more damage from blasters and stuff, but unfortunately for them can still feel pain and/or die.

No cats are harmed in the making of this blog.

-Phil Custodio

First, the Cats:


The late Henry the cat was born on the streets in northern Flint, Michigan, and was kidnapped/rescued/adopted when he was a kitten, back in 1998. He was named after the school he was found wandering near! Mellow but with a short temper, his biggest frustration in life was humans regarding his displays of anger as cute! He was never too thrilled the webcomic production schedule cut into his naptime, but he lives on in a weird LRW way.






Emma was adopted as a kitten in 2007 from an animal hospital in Clarkston, Michigan. She is an absolute princess, and a good actress. She always hits her mark and never complains about reshoots.









The late Gypsy the calico was rescued as a kitten from the woods in Clarkston in 2010, and I gave her a home. A real scamp, she was a thorn in Emma’s side, since she usurped her role as the baby of the family, but she was always sweet. She was always up for action scenes, especially if she got to knock down a snowspeeder or two.







Lizzie the cat joined the cast in 2013, storming the living room in true kitten fashion. She was confused by the LRW goings-ons, but adapted quickly with the help of a cat laser.