For what were Star Wars figures and other toys built but everlasting war? Mine are more than 30 years old and still have plenty of fight in them!


Unlike some other stories with toys, these toys’ weapons and vehicles work, especially on each other. They know what they are, but most tend to block that out in favor of their immediate occupations or missions. They definitely don’t care if they’re played with or not! So far, cats have been able to perceive them and their activities, but not adult humans. Their memories and life experiences are based on when they were made – i.e. Luke remembers Hoth, Dagobah, and Cloud City, but not Jabba’s palace or Endor. They’re made of plastic so they can take more damage from blasters and stuff, but unfortunately for them can still feel pain and/or die.

No cats are harmed in the making of this saga.

-Phil Custodio

Phil Custodio’s web comic saga Living Room Wars

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