The Zeus Protectorate – Protecting People by Kidnapping Others

The Zeus Protectorate is a secret organisation established by wealthy business men. They believe innocent or otherwise, Alpha Superiors are inherently dangerous and for the sake of society the most powerful need removing. To do this they capture and incarcerate such threats by way of a special extraction team or outsource specific jobs to mercenaries.


Organisation Classification:

  • Social Cleansing Organisation

Organisation Activities:

  • The Zeus Protectorate believe they are protecting humanity from itself by removing the most dangerous Alpha Superiors from society

Organisation Weakness(s):

  • The Protectorate has made many enemies of both vigilantes and criminal teams of Alphas

Known Assets:

  • Orion


Since those that run the Zeus Protectorate have avoided being identified this section refers to the only people which CLEA has data on – the “famous” primary strike team, Orion

Key Members:

  • Unknown – Despite CLEA’s best attempts the organisation has managed to hide who is responsible for running the operation. Operatives all also informed indirectly of assignments so are unaware who is employing them

CLEA Classification:

  • Abduction Ring

Special Skills and/or Abilities:

  • Having access to vast resources it is unknown any specifics.


  • Same as Organisation weaknesses.

Rap Sheet/Criminal Traits:

  • Kidnapping and false imprisonment.


Much of this is conjecture gathered from a variety of sources since the entire operation is well hidden from prying eyes.

It is believed the origin of the “Zeus Protectorate” lies with their founders, a group of wealthy business people who witnessed the arrival of the first Alpha humans. When some chose to use their gifts to harm others they became alarmed. The general public were scared in many countries despite the Alpha Heroes trying to restore order. Some people demanded that their Governments lock all the “dangerous people” away regardless of whether they had committed a crime or not, but no civilised political body would incarcerate and entire “race” of people, especially those that did no wrong.

The business moguls that would become the Zeus Protectorate heard the radical calls and drew plans to do the one thing the politicians and UN would not do. However before the plan came into operation, Black Shadow began its deadly purge.

Like so many things that went on hold during the two decade period, once Black Shadow had been crippled, and the Alphas began resurfacing, those business people still in power (and some new allies) decided to put their plan into operation.

They witnessed CLEA build its first Fortress facility and though that took care of the criminal Alphas, the newly formed Zeus Protectorate decided that there were plenty of other Alphas who could still pose a danger to any civilised society whether they used their gifts intentionally or inadvertently.

To this end the Protectorate purchased a small South Pacific island via dummy corporations and untraceable bank accounts and began building their own “Fortress” (later called the Zeus Facility). Since its occupants might be innocent of any crime they made the facility less prison like and filled it with the creature comforts of home where the individuals could live out their days whilst wearing an Alpha Suppression collar (similar to those used at CLEA Fortresses). Aware that some residents would not be able to cope with losing their freedom the Protectorate decided that any resident could have an alternative to wearing a collar and “free” movement of the facility and instead be cryogenically frozen until such time science evolved to neutralise their gifts.

Known trouble causers and criminals though would not be given a choice and subjected to the latter fate. Since the members of the Protectorate considered themselves civilised they refused to consider killing Alphas like Black Shadow had once done. They believed that in staying at the facility the freedoms the people were sacrificing should not result in any hardship but for the greater good they could not remain around ordinary folk.

Once the facility was completed the Protectorate began seeking out mercenaries that would be sympathetic to their cause and this led to the creation of the Orion Strike team. Early on Orion experienced problems trying to capture and contain some individuals and though the success rate was poor the data gathered allowed for the creation of technology which eventually gave Orion almost guaranteed success on each “mission”.

CLEA currently estimated the Zeus Facility has at least three hundred inmates and is aware of one successful break out attempt instigated by Night Shadow although it is now believed that since then the facility has had its defences strengthened to ensure it is one hundred percent escape proof.

As well as Orion, it is also known that the Protectorate have employed other mercenaries (ironically including Alpha Superiors) to capture targets. Obviously such outside “help” never meet with their employers and captives are taken to a secret location whereupon the target and the reward money are exchanged with Orion. Such tactics not only avoid any security issues but also ensure Orion does not take all the risks all the time.


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