The Renaissance Mob – Big Ron’s Crime Empire

renaissance-ron atlantica2200 steve coopsThis crime gang is so named due to its leader’s habit of investing his ill-gotten gains on the finer things in life. For evert pretty ceramic of antique picture there is a victim somewhere else.


Organisation Classification:

  • Organised Crime Operation

Organisation Activities:

  • Extortion
  • Bribery
  • Sex Trafficking/Sex slavery
  • Money Laundering
  • Smuggling, Distribution and sale of controlled substances

Organisation Weakness(s):

  • Brooks is overly focused on keeping territorial power. He will thus expend great amounts of resources when in reality he cannot “win” a particular turf war.
  • Obsessed with the Road Warriors and Wheels of Fury
  • Carnage – Brooks “created” them and they turned against him.

Known Assets:

  • None Known (Previously Carnage)


Key Members:

  • Ronald Brooks – Renaissance Ron
  • Adam Lynn – Atlas

CLEA Classification:

  • Crime Boss – Brooks
  • Enforcer/Lieutenant/Bodyguard – Lynn

Special Skills and/or Abilities:

  • Brooks is an excellent strategist. He plans well ahead and is not afraid to make sacrifices to gain new territory and extend his reach. He is also well versed in taking down rivals by corrupting members in a rival operation.
  • Lynn is a deeply loyal lieutenant. He will put his life on the line to protect Brooks and he is also skilled as a con-man, duping people that do not know who he is until it is too late.


  • Brooks (as for Organisation weaknesses)
  • Lynn – His brother Dave Lynn of the Road Warriors acts as a unwanted distraction.

Rap Sheet/Criminal Traits:

  • Brooks – Attempted Murder
  • Brooks – Smuggling
  • Brooks – Assault/Aggravated Assault
  • Brooks – Torture/False Imprisonment
  • Lynn – Assault/Aggravated Assault



For many years the Renaissance Mob, a long standing crime family had fought for power in America. When Big Ron inherited the family business and realised the competition in the Pacifica region was too great he took the bold step of moving it. Prime income for the business was arms and drugs and the four megacities around the world were the most attractive areas to operate from.
However Atlantica was already oversubscribed with gangs and Europa was fast going the same way, so Ron looked across the ocean and decided to move his business to New Tokyo where the competition was somewhat limited, apart from the notorious Green Dragon gang.
Always a careful planner, Ron began small, establishing several genuine businesses in and around the city. Form their he went the more “usual” route of establishing bars and gambling dens and around that time the Green Dragons paid him a visit. They informed him he had to pay protection money to operate such establishments and Big Ron responded by killing the messenger.
That soon led to an all-out turf war. Green Dragons had years of experience in “running” New Tokyo, whilst Ron had contacts in the right places as well as enforcers loyal to him. The ensuing conflict was bitter and ended in a stalemate when both sides agreed to a truce.

As part of their agreement Big Ron handed over control of the shore front areas and in return the Green Dragons gave Ron several areas of land they controlled outside of the city. Though the deal looked distinctly in the Green Dragon’s favour they were clearly very business minded. They knew Big Ron had problems shipping in drugs so the suggestion was he set up his own “plantation”. Being remote enough to be free from the prying eyes of city police and close enough not to make a transportation difficult was an ideal location. The Green Dragons had legitimately purchased and leased it to farmers to raise extra cash but had neither the muscle nor the inclination to force the farmers to do their bidding. It simply was too much hassle but the Green Dragon’s felt it was well within Big Ron’s capabilities.

Though Ron wanted to stay in New Tokyo and planned to have someone else manage the “farming” enterprise, he meanged to upset several New Tokyo business men who had links to the Twelve and an assassin was dispatched to kill him. Big Ron first knew of the hit when he was warned by a traitor within the Twelve and after he turned the tables on his would be killer, Big Ron decided to take some time away from the city.

Legally the land leases belonged to him but before he could get the farmers to plant his crops, Big Ron’s first move was to ensure the local police would not be a problem. Substantial bribes took care of that. Coercing the farmers was a relatively easy task. Whilst he could threaten to make them homeless that would not prevent anyone talking to other law enforcement agencies outside the local police. His ploy was something he had done in the city, use his enforcers to spread fear and intimidation and Big Ron did that be sending them into the local communities to push their weight around.
This seemed to work very well until his people took charge of a small town known as Irwin’s Crossing. Though his men seemed to be in charge of the place a masked vigilante began taking them out. That gave the local people hope and Big Ron feared if he lost control of the town then there was every chance his “farming” enterprise could blow up in his face.
He therefore chose to punish the town’s folk with random acts of violence and burning properties. The odd person that was seen to be resisting him would inexplicably disappear. For a brief while his ploys worked until Jade appeared in the town.
She had once visited another town under his control and when the corrupt police officials discovered she was single tourist and alone they had arrested her and handed her over to Ron who was looking for girls to “entertain” his guests. She though had managed to escape after a year of incarceration and after that had trained to become a mercenary. Once trained she had come back to Big Ron’s land to seek revenge.

Ron’s people recognised her straight away but instead of the frail little woman she once was Jade was a formidable warrior and dispatched several enforcers sending a clear message to their boss. Angry Big Ron sent his number one enforcer, Atlas, to the town to deal with the new threat. Atlas recognised Jade and he also recognised the woman she was with, Rose, because she was the same one that had once tried to assassinate Big Ron. Putting two and two together Atlas surmised Rose was the “masked vigilante” because the locals all seemed to know her, which indicated she had been in the town for some time.
Atlas knew he could not deal with the pair alone but then received worse news when he realised the two women were staying at a local mechanic’s garage. Atlas went to put pressure on the mechanic and then discovered it was his own brother. Suddenly everything made sense since Dave had been kicked out of the organisation after letting Rose escape. The two argued but Atlas was unable to kill his brother.

He reported what he had learned to Big Ron and promised to take care of the business his way. A month later Spectre and Mackie (see Road Warriors) appeared in the town after hearing there had been “problems” in some outback communities. Atlas saw his opportunity to get rid the both trouble causers and invited Mackie to his (but in reality Big Ron’s) farming retreat. Having realised Spectre was not a “real” person he was able to get close to Mackie and convinced her who the real trouble causers were.

The next day Spectre and Mackie left, but instead of the Road Warriors destroying Jade and Rose something unforeseen happened, they discovered the truth and allied themselves. In only a short space of time every person belonging to the mob was chased out of the town.
Big Ron was furious at Atlas for allowing it to happen and wanted to send in a team with lots of guns but Atlas suggested it would amount to nothing other than adding further to the demise of the cartel. The once bit of luck on Ron’s side was the fact the town’s folk chose not to talk to any law enforcement agencies. They were content to remain where they were and carry on with life.

Big Ron, though could not allow the town to remain uncontrolled and became obsessed with the Road Warriors. This led him to try and eliminate Spectre with an EM cannon but that only produced “Spirit” and with a new Road Warrior the chances of taking back the town became a distant dream.

Still Big Ron would not back down as the thoughts of failure niggled at the back of his mind. He felt that having the Road Warriors running loose on his patch made him look weak. Eighteen months later he made another attempt to rid himself of the “problem”. Calling in every favour he broke a team of mercenaries out of jail and then had his people capture Spirit. Using her with the EM generator, his people were able to “convert” the mercenaries to vehicular lifeforms and Carnage was born.
Informing his new team that he would restore them to their human bodies if they complied, Carnage succeeded in ousting the Road Warriors from Irwin’s Crossing for the first time in over two years. However when Carnage realised that Big Ron had no idea how to restore them to their original bodies they attempted to kill him and destroy his people before the left the outback and decided to work for themselves.

With his criminal empire weakened Big Ron had no choice but to abandon Irwin’s Crossing and soon after that his “farming” enterprise became noticed by the drugs enforcement agencies. Big Ron though was clever not to leave evidence that state he told the farmers to plant crops and he made a scapegoat out of one of his own men who claimed openly to have bought the leases a year earlier.
Most suspected the man had accepted jail time for a hefty reward and without evidence the law could not prosecute Ron so he slipped through their fingers again. Since then CLEA believes Big Ron has returned to New Tokyo and just runs his criminal activities through bars and gambling houses as he did once before. Currently it is not known if the Twelve still have a contract on him.





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