The CLEA Chiefs

CLEA-Chiefs-BannerThe Chiefs are the most powerful people in CLEA with each one controlling personnel over a large global territory.


Primary Role:

  • Overall Command

Chief and Geographical Responsibiliy:

  • North America – Stephanie Naylor
  • South America – Mia Rojas
  • European Alliance – Malcolm Shaw
  • United African Nations – Hasina Traore
  • Russia – Vasiley Rostov
  • South Asia – Huojin Sun
  • Australasia – Joshua Hunter

CLEA Classification:

  • Overall Command

Special Skills and/or Abilities:

  • All the chiefs have come from either law enforcement or military background where they gained experience at high level over large groups of people.
  • All chiefs are extremely knowledgable about the territories under their command coverage. Whilst generally they act alone when a threat is considered global they will work together.
  • As figureheads of the Agency Chiefs have to act responsibility especially in regards to political sensitivities. Chiefs will fight for their agency over jurisdiction disputes with local authorities but ultimately have to defer to the UN.
  • Almost all the chiefs chosen for the job do not have immediate family ties as this negates giving criminals leverage in which to exploit them.

Tactical Weakness(s):

  • Like all people with power the Chiefs are seen as the best way to disrupt the agency so are constantly under threat. and everything from their private lives to their movements has to be kept secret. They will on occasions meet directly but such meetings are rare because it puts the agency at great risk.


Apart from their names, very little is known about the CLEA chiefs personally. Though they have all come from law enforcement or military background upon being appointed to their position the pasts are immediately buried to prevent criminals exploiting any weaknesses. Though never confirmed it is rumoured that each new chief is given a new identity thus giving an extra level of security.


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