image009Death of a Hero

Within decades of the first Alpha appearances, they inexplicably vanished.  It began with the most prominent ones, the heroes that had been in the public eye being discovered dead in mysterious circumstances.  Due to the nature of the work, foul play was suspected until Alpha Inferiors began to die off or simply disappear from public records.  Scientists at first thought that the genetic offshoot had reached its natural end until CLEA, a global crime fighting operation discovered a crime syndicate: Black Shadow.


image011Black Shadow as an organization considered Alphas to be a threat to their empire and decided to take it upon themselves to eliminate the problem by killing all Alphas they discovered; and they became very good at it.

Having infiltrated positions of power and a whole host of law enforcement agencies, the syndicate leaders were ready to act on a global scale.  Using a key piece of scientific evidence that all Alphas had, a distinctive diamond shaped birth mark, they were able to scour thousands of medical records and systematically eliminate Alphas, even the Inferiors that had yet to manifest any abilities as a measure to eliminate the potential of them becoming Superiors.

Word quickly spread in the Alpha community about mysterious assassins.  Those people aware of their Alpha ancestry got themselves as far away from society as possible but the remainder were not so lucky.

For two decades Black Shadow performed their evil work right.  CLEA, one of the few agencies deemed clean, while aware of the syndicate, could do little in stopping them as the agency worked on limited resources.

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