Lazarus – The Man Who Cheats Death

Lazarus Atlantica2200 Steve CoopsAs a man who cannot die Dion Gardner is the ultimate mercenary.



  • Dion Gardner

CLEA Classification:

  • Alpha Superior

Special Skills and/or Abilities:

  • Alpha Ability – Can return from the dead. Every time he is “killed” after his heart stops his body recovers until such time he reawakens.
  • Alpha ability


  • It takes time to stabilise his body after he awakens from “dying”. This can takes anything from hours to days depending on the injury that “killed” him during which time he is weak and vulnerable.
    Note: Originally the only means for him to stabilise was through contact with another whereupon he absorbed that person’s blood and killed them. It created a hunger like an addiction that made him irrational. This “ability” mutated after contact with the Grey Man.
  • Due to his means of coming back to life, he tends to get sloppy in his work.
  • Cannot restore severed body parts – if anyone beheaded him it would be fatal. He also retains old battle scars and his strangest scar occured when an assailant tried to garrote him. Dion deflected the wire upwards and it ended up in his mouth. He killed the assailant by taking them both over a cliff but he still wears the evidence of the attack.

Rap Sheet/Criminal Traits:

  • Assault/Aggravated Assault
  • Homicide
  • Mercenary
  • Muscle for hire.


Dion Gardner aka Lazarus is an Alpha like none other for he seems unable to be killed, or rather unable to remain dead. For as long as CLEA has records on the man his chosen career is that of a ruthless mercenary. In fact CLEA had been interested in Dion before the organisation found out he was an Alpha Superior.

Intelligence gathered from people that had contact with Dion reveals that perhaps he was unaware he was an Alpha until his abilities triggered for the first time. The actual occurrence of this can only be based on pure speculation since it was believed his abilities must have kicked in when he “died” for the first time.
If this is true then the actual trigger event happened during a contract to kidnap the daughter of a government minister in the Far East country of Khirana. Like most mercenaries who had gone to Khirana during the civil war, Dion had chosen to perform jobs for the anti-government forces. The kidnap attempt was supposed to have been a means for the rebel forces to end the war sooner by obtaining leverage over the country’s leaders. However what Dion was unaware of was that the government had planted one of their own people in Dion’s mercenary group. As soon as the mission was in the final phases the inside man turned the tables and handed the other mercenaries over to government forces.

For the kidnap attempt Dion and the others were sentenced to death, a show trial to discourage other mercs for joining the rebel cause. However after being shot by firing squad, hours later Dion suddenly “woke” up on the slab in the morgue. He then attacked the worker. The commotion was soon overheard but when the armed troops arrived all they had was a mystery on their hands, a dead pathologist and a missing body. When a post mortem was performed on the man that had been killed they found all the blood had been drained from his body.

From that moment in time onwards whenever Dion appeared to “die” and come back to life he often leaves behind another body, drained of blood but with no puncture wounds. CLEA scientists theorised that as soon as he awakened Dion has to obtain fresh blood to stabilise his cells and was capable of drawing what he needs by absorbing it through his skin.

Being able to survive death has meant the Dion can take far more chances that the average merc which made him formidable as well as extremely dangerous. Sometimes he was known to deliberately kill himself in a manner that avoids his body being recovered, that way when he next awakens he would find a victim to restore his body to full health. Those that were unfortunate to come across Dion would report that he appeared crazed out of his mind. Like some other Alphas that made use of the blood of others the need to “feed” acted like an addiction.

Eventually he reached a point in his life where he came to have regrets about his past. This couple with the meaningless longevity and the overwhelming hunger he had to deal with when he came back to life let him to seek a path of oblivion. Despite several attempts he could not bring himself to remove his own head so he started searching for the Grey Man, an Alpha he believed could end his pointless existence by removing his life force permanently.

However by the time Dion found the Grey Man, the latter had already made his own attempts to reform. At first he did not want to accommodate Dion’s request but in the end too pity on him when it became apparent that Dion was being tortured by his mental pain. Knowing how Dion’s Alpha ability worked the Grey Man warned Dion that what he wanted might not work since he could simply come back to life afterwards and be subjected to the intense need to feed, something the Grey Man knew all about since he had a similar hunger to feed on the life force of others. Dion insisted on trying anyway.

Like all his other past “victims” the Grey Man began absorbing his life force but immediately noticed that something was “different”. Dion quickly collapsed but unlike other victims did not appear to age. Later just as the Grey Man had hypothesised, instead of a permanent death Dion came back to life. Unlike on previous attempts though he no longer had a thirst for blood. In fact his body seemed to start recovering without the need for it. Eventually the pair worked out that contact with the Grey Man had somehow mutated Dion’s Alpha ability freeing him from the need for blood.

The Grey Man though remained unchanged and still retained a hunger for life force, an internal battle he’d vowed to fight. Since it became apparent he was not going to end his life easily Dion saw what had happened as a new opportunity to make amends for his past and offered to work with the Grey Man. Since the Grey Man was trying to fight evil often the only time he had a desire to feed was when he got injured and needed to replenish his strength or when he “travelled”. Dion suggested that perhaps he could serve as his “host” whenever he needed to feed, that way the Grey Man could continue on his path of redemption whilst Dion could die as many times as needed when his “partner”. Though the Grey Man had wanted to free himself from the negative aspects of his abilities he accepted Dion’s offer.



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