Coming of the Storm


In a rundown diner on the east side of Europa, instead of staying at the seats the usual customers are gathered around a TV set watching a news flash, all except, Enrico Hernandez an police officer with the EPD. His lack of interest is confusing to the others since the broadcast centres around an officer that worked at his precinct. Though his back is to the crowd, the volume is loud enough to hear everything even if cannot see anything and if the others could see him they would notice each word cut through him like a knife.

“This was breaking news in the people vs Jenny MacClare,” continued the news reader. “The jury has found disgraced EPD officer guilty on both counts of murder involving her partner Kate Adams and CLEA Special Agent Simon Gray…”

The news broadcast continued but Enrico was not there to hear it. He abandoned his coffee and simply slipped out of the door before risking encountering anyone in the diner who wanted his opinion on the outcome.

Eighteen months later, Enrico still visited the diner only now he was no longer a policeman. He’d quit his job shortly after the MacClare trial. Though he was friends with people in the diner he refused to ever give a reason for his decision. Many, especially his colleagues in the forty-ninth precinct thought his behaviour was equally bizarre. Finding out Jenny MacClare was a killer and would stoop so low as to kill another officer had been a shock to them all but not enough for them to try a new career. Those close to him in the EPD had once joked that Enrico would become part of the building by the time he retired. He had been loyal hard working and even managed to attain the rank of Sergeant in order to earn enough money to look after his young family. A friend of his once stated that Enrico had become haunted by something to do with the MacClare case. As far as haunting went though, Enrico would not be the only ghost from the past connected with the case.

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