Blood Rage – Blood Clan Gang Alpha Leader

Blood-Rage Atlantica2200 Steve CoopsDue to his Alpha ability Warren Hayes is like a human vampire in the fact that the more he consumes blood the stronger he becomes. Whilst he could have plied his trade as a solo criminal he likes the fact that the members of his gang regard him as a demigod so he prefers to simply let everyone else do the work for him.


Organisation Classification:

  • Street Gang

Organisation Activities:

  • Muggings
  • Extortion
  • Robbery
  • Kidnapping and false imprisonment
  • Distribution and sale of controlled substances

Organisation Weakness(s):

  • Individuals rely heavily on leader, Warren Hayes so dealing with them when he is not around is very easy.

Known Assets:

  • N/A


Key Members:

  • Warren Hayes – Blood Rage

CLEA Classification:

  • Alpha Superior/Gang Leader

Special Skills and/or Abilities:

  • Alpha ability-Absorbing the blood of others through his skin, consuming it or injecting it gives him massive surge in energy. This in turn gives him rapid healing, increase in strength and speed making him a formidable fighter.


  • The blood Hayes uses acts like fuel. The more he fights the faster he burns through it and once he runs out he has no more physical potential than an average adult male. Removing his supply limits his effectiveness.
  • Hayes seems “addicted” to using the blood of others and when he craves more his tactical ability becomes far less effective

Rap Sheet/Criminal Traits:

  • As for organisation activities as well as Assault/Aggravate Assault.



Warren Hayes had a history of getting into trouble so consequently neither he or the Atlantic Police Department were surprised when he became a member of a notorious street gang, the Westsiders. The gang preyed on any poor innocent that had the misfortune on straying into their territory. Muggings and street theft were the gang’s usual source of income, along with selling drugs.
As they gained more power the gang eventually attracted the unwanted attention of various Alpha heroes who wanted to make a name for themselves before progressing onto bigger “game”.

The added pressure caused a power struggle between Warren, the second in command and William Lynch the leader. They resolved this with a brawl where the winner takes all. What happened next is down to some dubious eye witness accounts but it seems when the battle was reaching its end Will very much had the upper hand. He pinned Warren to the floor and began mercilessly beating his opponent.
The story if true said that a cut on Will’s forehead dripped bloon on Warren’s face and as soon as that happened Warren suddenly gained a massive boost in strength and energy, enough to throw William clear of him. He then beat the old leader to a pulp and as blood began to fly Warren got stronger.

CLEA scientists reckon that Warren was an Alpha inferior and did not know it and the fight triggered his Alpha ability which seems to work on the basis of absorbing blood on the skin (or consuming it directly) gives Warren a massive surge in strength and energy. This ability was enough to see him take charge of the gang and depose William.

In time Warren changed the way the gang operated. The other members viewed him in an almost god like status and his new found strength helped them calve away a massive territorial chunk of Atlantica’s underworld. His power even helped see off attention from more than one Alpha hero but to maintain his levels he needed a supply of blood.
The gang therefore got into a habit of kidnapping victims which Warren would use to take a hit when he needed. He would never kill them as that was a needless waste but he did take to “farming” people. Whenever he was lucky enough to get an Alpha (inferior or Superior) he found their blood quite exceptional. In the criminal world they soon called him the Vampire although Warren went under the guise of “Bloodrage” and in fitting in with this name he changed the gang’s name to become the “Bloodclan”.

Considered a highly dangerous individual, Warren can only be defeated when his “energy” levels are low and he needs a new hit, which would seem to be almost like a drug to him. Contrary to urban legend Warren does not actually need to “drink” blood. He can absorb it through his skin although consumption or intravenous injection is the quickest way he gets it into his system.


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